Wow Evolution


The WOW1 is what started it all. Designed to the specifications of Dwyane Wade’s style of play, and creative input - the Way of Wade 1 featured a carbon fiber outsole, premium leathers, and design motif that incorporated the letter “W” throughout. Wade won his third NBA Championship in this shoe, and wrote the first chapter in the Way of Wade story...

The WOW2 introduced a dual density sole with a bio-mechanically correct pattern for ultimate traction, and came dressed in premium genuine leathers.

The WOW3 featured a triangular pattern responsible for reinforcement in the upper, that also represents the “Significance of 3” in Wade’s life - his third sneaker, his 3 children, his jersey number and his 3 NBA titles.

The WOW4 was constructed with a 3-layer upper. Starting with a full-length bootie, complimented by a set of internal straps with a 3D-printed surface layer, completed by outer mesh layer.

The WOW5 featured a fully ventilated upper, and a unique layering process that seamlessly blends reflective materials and textiles while keeping the shoe’s weight to a minimum.

The WOW6 debuted the CloudFoam technology, and a carbon fiber strap that added stability and support while maintaining it’s light weight.

A courageous approach to the future of basketball sneakers, while honoring the traditions that have come to define Way of Wade. Wade’s footwear of choice for his #OneLastDance.

The future of Way of Wade.