Way of Wade is more than a sportswear brand.

It is a unique collaboration between Dwyane Wade and Li-Ning,
established in 2012. Since the brand’s inception it has grown with each season. Since the release of Wade’s signature basketball shoe, now in its eighth iteration, WOW has transcended beyond the court. As a pioneer in NBA fashion, Wade has always emphasized design, both in performance basketball and lifestyle products, which are now showcased in Fashion Week runways across the globe.

As Wade’s #OneLastDance concluded last season, he hand-selected D’Angelo Russell to become the new on-court face of the brand.

With Wade’s deep ties to the world of hip-hop, naturally he signed fellow Miami legend Rick Ross as the first Wow-endorsed artist. Dwyane Wade may have stepped off the hardwood, but Way of Wade is just getting started… Follow us into this new decade of sport.
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