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WOW4 "Liberty"

The WoW4, from inside-out, consists of three main layers. First, there is an internal full length sock/bootie, very comfortable on the foot. Second, a set of internal mesh straps with a 3D printed surface layer for additional reinforcement and superior lock-down feeling. Last but not least, the outer mesh layer, which is see through or solid depending on the colorway.

WOW3 "Daz Fuego"

Molded geometric execution was a 3D modified continuation of the “Dazzle” theme, with molded pyramid patterns for additional reinforcement and stability, zonally, where needed. Carbon fiber shank in the sole, genuine leathers on most colorways, ballistic meshes, camos, sublimation graphic collar linings and two-tone laces. The tread patterns on the sole were all ‘3’ or triangle based. This was DWade’s third regular season shoe and told the story around the “Significance of 3” in his life – 3 children (2 his & 1 nephew), his Christianity, his jersey number and winning 3 NBA titles. The shoes also featured hidden names of family members that were molded into the soles.

wow 2.0 encore

WOW2 "Encore"

An evolving geometric “Razzle Dazzle” story with a 3D upper reinforcement accent detail, this shoe featured the same sole and continuity of design language, with additional molded facet pattern all over. Featuring glow soles and cool leather mixes, it began using more expressive finished leathers such as metallics and distressed.

WOW2 "Razzle Dazzle Camo"

Carbon fiber shank, molded tongue, two-tone laces with reflective accents, and a dual density sole introduced in a bio-mechanically correct pattern for ideal traction in premium genuine leathers. The graphic on this shoe was a camouflage used on World War II naval ships to distract and misdirect the enemy, resembling DWade’s game, where he makes it difficult for the defender to anticipate how he will attack, how he must guard him and overall keep course with him. DWade’s autograph was featured as the main logo on the shoe’s tongue.


WOW1 "Encore"

With an exaggerated geometric upper molding at the heel and tongue top to match, much of the design language carried over from the WOW1 “The Gentleman Assassin”, with a bit more edge for playoff run. DWade won his 3rd NBA Championship in this shoe. Key signature colors included the Code Red (Eastern Conference Finals) and Gold Rush (NBA Finals).

wow1 announcement

WOW1 "Announcement"

Premium leather upper enhances the taste of WoW1 “Announcement”. The “W” pattern on the toe part symbolizes Wade himself, as the shoe brings to life everything Dwyane stands for. Carbon fiber outsole ensures durability, while EVA can guarantee cushioning function for basketball court playing.